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Cancellation of order is clearly defined in our GTC:

We do not offer a returns policy on customized products. By customized we mean products that have been designed/amended in house following clients instructions/brief and approval of print artwork by client prior to the customized product being produced/manufactured. 

In the event of a dispute over the quality of a printed product, please refer to the Article 20 section concerning our returns policy as your first approach. 
If the quality of print involves such aspects as a shortage in the print run, damaged paper, extraneous marks or deterioration of print quality, incorrect position of image/folding i.e. outside the 1mm tolerance,  incorrect thickness or type of paper etc then printworkuk.com would love to resolve any problem amicably by way of a refund or re-print.

Under no circumstance will printworkuk.com accept a returns or refund request if there are any errors or ommissions in the textual or pictorial content of the customized print product. It is the responsibility of the client to double check the correctness of the content of the print artwork before approval is given. It is impossible to correct errors once the job is printed. Printworkuk.com regard the approval of print artwork by the client as their provision of artwork, at their expense if it is incorrect.