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China's Hegemonic Aspirations?

Doublespeak 1984

This Vietnam War apologist has the temerity to refer to China’s hegemonic aspirations in the context of multiple US violations of other nations’ security involving interference and invasion comprising 25 nations across the world since WW2.

Coupled with a spiderweb of over 700 military and supply bases scattered across the planet all entangled in the UK’s Five Eyes Military Intelligence operation that probably monitors 24/7 every area of commnication to protect every corporate interest that serves the British Speaking Empire aka US and UK, he speaks from personal experience.

Hegemonic aspirations? Ha ha ha what a joke. But frighteningly his nation personifies HEGEMONY as a people obsessed with empowerment by the military to be PNAC dominant in world trade. His language of doublespeak, of dumping his nation’s guilt onto other nations by accusing them of doing things he intrinsically knows his nation has excessively done around the world for the last 70 years, is not just hypocrisy, it is a blind belief in arrogance as some kind of virtue.
Oh, and, the Western Allies love Ukraine so much that for years to come its children will be getting their limbs blown off by undetonated cluster munitions.


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