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Passive Income

"tailor economic policies to maximise the gap between rich and poor countries"

Everywhere you look these days on the internet there is the guy boasting how much passive income he is earning without doing a stroke of physical labour.

He belongs to a class of people who feed off the blood and guts of the working class by buying shares in corporations that produce stuff we don’t really need, like weapons of mass destruction, which use financial exploits like cheap labour, twisted trade agreements enforced by covert military operations in collusion with sleazy corrupt banks[1] & governments that will tailor economic policies to maximise the gap between rich and poor countries whereby the industrialised nations suppress competition by keeping other nations dependent on raw material exports as their main source of income.[2] This, in the past, has been done by withholding technological know how. Globalisation has allowed for better exchange and co-operation, giving rise to a larger number of industrialised nations whose growth has tipped the balance of military power in recent times. In terms of the way in which the balance of economic power is shifting away from the West towards a globalist Capitalist Class virtually running their own Corporate States the investor has become coupled with the possession of nuclear weapons. 

He is one of millions who invests heavily in an economic system that is intrinsically designed by a Globalist Government Policy[3], run by rich elites who benefit from personal investments in it, who permit their ‘colleagues’, execs of corporations & banks, to break every law under the sun[4] to ensure that the commonwealth of nations is NEVER equitably distributed through co-operation and mutually beneficial trade agreements without the hidden hand of espionage, secret agents and spies, secret military intelligence operations and ultimately military incursions.
Greed and militarism have an oblique, distinctly nefarious and enduring relationship in history. For example, how did the British Empire come into being without the British Navy occupying and colonising ‘the primitives’, and making way for the robbing lords and barons in the City of London later to exploit the inhabitants of occupied countries like India
[5] in the 18th century for their raw material to expand global trading opportunities in the wake of  rapid Industrialisation that followed?
It is really galling to see adverts on YouTube aimed at investors in Weapons Manufacturers, pioneers of war profiteering
The blood of the innocent, spilled in wars created by the avaricious soldier politician is not only a questionable source of passive income, it is downright insulting to all the billions of innocent people who have been hacked to death or bombed to smithereens over the centuries by megalomaniacal war lords.

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